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International - For many of these workshops we partnered with ALARM-Africa to present these workshops. ALARM's workshops are presented by a local ALARM organization in different countries. ALARM works in the context of their country’s concerns and people to apply biblical principals of forgiveness, understanding and peace in the communities they live in. These workshops teach what ALARM and others have done in their particular context though the principles can be applied universally. 


Advanced - These workshops aim to equip those who are already reconcilers in their churches or professional settings by addressing common issues that reconcilers face. Experienced presenters will bring their expertise and case studies to real-life situations that happen in conflict resolution.


Introduction - These workshops aim to address broader issues of conflict resolution, sin issues that contribute to conflict, introductory teaching on reconciliation and personal peacemaking, teaching reconciliation to the next generation and more. Whether you are new to being an ambassador of reconciliation or a seasoned veteran these workshops will help you to live out a lifestyle of reconciliation in your home, church, work and community.

Foundational - These workshops are geared toward reconcilers who have completed the foundational reconciler training (Coaching People to Reconcile and Mediating People through Conflict) to further equip them for their service as reconcilers.


Specialized - These workshops aim to address specialized issues in the area of reconciliation.

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Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly: How to Apply Micah 6:8 in Christian Conciliation




Introduction, Foundational, Advanced

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Ever wondered why God didn’t say it the other way around - “Love Justice, Show Mercy, Humble Yourself” or something similar? Consider the peacemaking implications of this foundational verse from Micah 6:8 as you are invited to analyze the emphasis afforded to the three imperatives: (1) Do Justice (2) Love Mercy (3) Walk Humbly. May this teaching encourage fellow Christ followers to reflect on how often each of us fails to actually do what the Lord requires, how desperately we need His Spirit at work in us, and how applying God's directives will empower any who love Him to navigate conflict.

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