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Reconcilers Equipping Reconcilers Conference

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Summertime....finally. No doubt you are looking forward this season and all that it brings with vacations, camping, late nights, picnics, getting cool with a swim at a waterpark, lake, river, backyard pool or the sweet AC inside in your home. However, at this point, adding another thing to your calendar might feel overwhelming. But, what if that thing helped to build God’s kingdom and spread the gospel? Then perhaps it might be worth at least considering.

Our 2023 online conference is coming in August. We know you are busy, so we have designed our conference to be as convenient as possible. Here are the top 5 reasons to attend:

  1. It’s completely online so there is no need to travel. You can access this if you are on the beaches of the United States or the plains of Africa or sitting under the historic sites of Europe. We do all of our workshops on Zoom which means you can take it anywhere you go, even on your phone in the car.

  2. The workshops are just 1 hour so you don’t have to take a bunch of time off to attend. Workshops are offered 3 times per day so you can catch them depending on your schedule. We have more than 65 workshops that cover a variety of topics so you can catch as many or as little as fit your skill set and they are each unique, no repeats!

  3. The whole conference theme is “Reconcilers Equipping Reconcilers” so all the workshops are designed to help you increase and hone your skills as a reconciler in whatever context you serve whether this is your full-time job or whether you serve people at your local church, whether you are a Certified Christian Conciliator or a Candidate in the program or whether you make this lifestyle of reconciliation part of your personal life. And all the workshops are led by reconcilers just like you. There are workshops that are for those who have been doing this for years and workshops for those who may be completely new to this concept.

  4. The workshops also include handouts that allow you to take notes and keep them for further study and reference.

  5. And, did I mention, that is conference is offered for FREE?! Our goal is to equip and since we believe that being an ambassador of reconciliation is a call for every child of God (2 Corinthians 5:18-20) then we want to give you the tools and encouragement to live this out with no financial barrier. The only cost is completely optional which is $99 to receive access to ALL 65+ workshop recordings via our website which never expires. That means you can catch every workshop whether you can attend live or not and listen/watch at your convenience.

Finally, one last reason -- we need the message of reconciliation! If you turn on the news or look at social media for 5 minutes, doesn’t our world need the message of reconciliation at this time?!

Register today and check out all the info at We hope to see you on Zoom and give you full rights to invite anyone else. Let’s spend this summer investing in the glorious message of the Gospel and sharing the good news of God’s reconciliation with us and our need for reconciliation with others.

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