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Troy's overprotective parents are starting to really bug him, especially now that he is learning to drive with them. After arguing over the most recent father/son training, Troy learns from his friend Mark how to approach his dad using the Four G's of peacemaking. When Troy tries it out on his parents, it makes a big difference. Requires 4 actors and takes about ten minutes. If you decide to order this skit, an email will be sent to you with the a download link.


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General Audience

Includes children, teens and adults. Use these skits to enhance worship and study in such settings as:

  • Chancel dramas for worship 
    • Special season of reconciliation
    • Lenten series
    • For anytime of the year!
  • Church, Family or Leadership Retreats
  • Fellowship dinners
  • Bible studies


Teen Audiences

Target teens and their parents. These skits are great for:

  • Youth retreats and live-ins
  • Youth-led worship services
  • Youth Bible studies
  • High school chapels
  • Teen camps
  • Confirmation retreats

Driving Me Crazy - Skit

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