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Growing to Serve You Better!

At the beginning of January we announced that Maddy Elliott joined our staff as a new Administrative Assistant. She is quickly coming up to speed and we're thrilled she has joined our team!

Now, we are announcing a couple of additional changes. We're refining the roles of both Kerri Goss and Annette Friesen. We're all still eager to serve you but with these refined roles, we believe we can serve you better! First of all, Kerri is actively bringing Maddy up to speed on the many (many!) administrative duties that she has been covering for us.

Kerri's new title is Reconciler Community Coordinator. In this new role, Kerri will be able to focus on providing support for all Christian Reconcilers, including Certified Christian Conciliators! As a community coordinator, Kerri will be tasked also with planning for training and conferences for continuing education. Stay tuned, we're announcing both online and in-person conferences soon! Kerri's energy is already apparent with her ideas for creating opportunities for connecting with our reconcilers. I believe we can expect a new level of engagement with Kerri concentrating here. If you recall, Annette Friesen previously had Certification Coordinator as part of her title. Annette has been actively bringing Kerri up to speed on the coordinator role as we anticipated this change.

Today, we are announcing that Annette is focusing on ICC Case Administration and foundational training. The casework of the ICC has steadily increased over the past couple of years and it made sense for us to equip Kerri to take point on the coordinator role. Now, in addition to Case Administration, Annette will also be taking point for our foundational training, including both Coaching People to Reconcile and Mediating People to Reconcile. In addition to being an awesome case administrator, Annette is also a tremendously gifted instructor. We are looking forward to a terrific 2024 were we can better serve all of you!

I want to emphasize again that we are all eager to serve you and you are invited to set up an appointment with any of us at our About Staff Page. We'll be announcing soon that we've outgrown our office so we're moving to a new office location (still in Billings). So, stay tuned!

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Awesome to see the ministry growing and consolidating - and of course Kerri and Annette are both legends! 😀

Replying to

Sorry for the late reply but YOU are the legend Bruce!


Isn't it amazing how God has placed all of you in just the right places to serve Him and others!!!? Amazing Grace indeed. Jeanette Kille

Replying to

Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, we see God's hand working as we serve each other and as a team. His plans are good and his grace is amazing!

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