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Built on the Rock Reconciliation Conference - THANK YOU!

It's been about a month since our Built on the Rock Reconciliation Conference in St. Louis. It was an AWESOME experience for our all of us. We are so grateful for everyone who was a part of making this such a great event. The quotes below are a sampling of the great feedback we received. We are SO EXCITED for next year! See you in Minneapolis!!

  • “It has changed the focus in my family to live reconciled with each other. I can already see the effects in my family.”

  • “As I went through the week, I identified how this training offered insight and will have immediate impacts in my personal life as well as within our Church family and assist with restoring past relationships and situations. While it was a heavier course load, it is wonderful to come home and start the review process. In addition, I really appreciated the emphasis on the devotions and messages. WELL DONE!”

  • “It has prepared me to apply biblical knowledge and reflection to situations that I may other wise have felt unprepared to use our Lord’s Word.”

  • “In my work as a pastor, I encounter occasions where coaching people through conflict is necessary. I have been aided by consultation with one who is associated with Ambassadors of Reconciliation. Nevertheless even with his expertise and the great aid that he has been to me in bringing the word of God to bear in these situations, I find that I still have blind spots that need to be addressed. It is with the identification of those blind spots that this course helped.”

  • “the process of helping people see their brother or sister as valuable and to see that sin in idolatry comes in many ways is a game changer for people to learn the love of God and how to love their neighbor.”

  • “Reconciling Husbands and Wives gave me the hope and the direction I needed to be able to help couples in my church seek reconciliation and to respond to those hardened by sin - all using the Scriptures.”

  • “The [Teaching a Reconciliation] seminar is outstanding. You will not only grow as a teacher, but also be prepared to teach others how to live a lifestyle of reconciliation. If you want to get the message of peacemaking out to as many people as possible then you need to take this course!

  • “The missing piece in my seminary education. This has not only helped me personally, but it will help me to be a better pastor.”

  • “I saw in a fresh way that it is God's Word that brings about healing. The professional training and materials, the supportive staff and warm/encouraging fellowship with like students has caused me to seek even more AoR equipping! PTL!”

  • “In one month I have connected with my daughters and wife in a way that I never have before.”

  • “This course has given me a great framework to guide people in reconciliation. It takes what we know about sin, repentance, grace, and the third use of the Law and puts it into a practical format that is 'ready to use'.”

  • “This entire training session brought Christ Jesus to the front and center as the true Light in this hurting world.”

  • “It was a time of spiritual renewal for me. The time of worship - and the humility of the speakers. Also, really appreciated the devotionals for the 30 days prior.”

  • “It is hard to pick only one. The workshops were great and the keynote messages had so much good truth in them. Offering the conference itself was very helpful for training and equipping people to go back into their Church communities and work toward peacemaking in every relationship.”

  • “A restful, refreshing, and skill equipping conference! The most touching point - all coworkers serving with great life testimonies. It was so fruitful a conference. I chatted with several 1st time attendants who expressed that the entire conference was so good and inspiring.”

  • “The believable demonstration of mutual respect between peacemaking ministries and the mutual honour shown to historic leaders of the movement. That gave hope to me - and, I believe, others - that God had not allowed the work to implode. (There were many other valuable things about the conference but this one was the most significant to me.)”

  • “Great workshops - the scheduling and flow of the conference was perfect.”

  • “Connecting and encouraging one another in our ministries. Preconference training was fantastic. Hearing the words of encouragement and edification during lunch. The continual emphasis of the gospel! Beer with Ted.”

  • “Pre-conference training was great, but it also began new relationships which I could build during the conference. Plus there were lots of bits of wonderful stuff through the whole program. I appreciated the meals together.”

  • “Keep casting the vision and reason for hope! I left hopeful for the future of peacemaking! People seemed to enjoy the church atmosphere.”

  • “The time of worship - the devotional - one song for the participants to sing - and the speaker. It was just right. Also, keep the networking of the various ministries. That was great!”

  • “Thank you AoR leaders and staff to take the initiative to hold such a challenging conference. It was greatly held. All services were considerately provided. We feel grateful to attend such a wonderful conference. Just do the same like this year as everything is already the best. - The entire team spirit and unity has been present throughout the conference. - Every plenary message, devotion followed by inspiration brought us to a deep level of worshipping. - All workshops were offered with broad variety of selection. - All workshops (I attended) were presented well by the speakers. - The exhibits table and the bookstore were well displaced and organized and beautifully. - The refreshment provided in break time was delicious. The area is warm and filled with love.”

  • “Really... all of it. I thought everything was ideal.”

  • “ It was a conference that challenged me to make sure it is God's Word and love that shapes my response to conflict. It then equipped me to be a peace maker.”

  • “The best peacemaking conference I ever attended!”

  • “It was such a wonderful event! A PhD conference, practical, helpful and deep! A really warm and hospitable family reunion!”

  • “What a wonderful conference. Excellent teaching from highly qualified people. Making friends for mutual support in Christian Conciliation. Renewing connections with old friends. So much to praise God for.”

  • “AoR presented a fantastic reconciliation conference! From the start to finish, peacemakers worldwide were blessed at the conference with great teaching, fellowship, resources that will change lives for eternity!”

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