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Christian Reconcilers - Who Can Help Me?

The difference in these maps? It's YOU!

People come to everyday seeking help. They are searching. They are hurting. They are looking for hope. Some find a bible study or another resource that helps but many still seek someone to talk to. Their issues often don't warrant involving someone from across the country so they seek someone local. Our vision is that one day, everyone will have access to a trained reconciler. This is where YOU come in!

Check out the new Christian Reconciler™ Certificate offered by Ambassadors of Reconciliation! Sign up today and receive a coupon for as much as $100 off your A Reason for Hope Conference registration!

We are beginning to build your Christian Reconciler Directory. The map on the left represents the reconcilers who have, in just the past few weeks, completed their public profile as a reconciler. We praise God for each of them! The map on the right shows where we pray we can go in the next year or so. Can you imagine the impact of overall ministry of reconciliation when people who need help are able to get connected with someone who can help? This is where YOU come in! Are you, or have you been a Certified Christian Conciliator™? Are you a Certified Relational Conciliator™? Do you want people to know about your services? You can highlight these credentials on your public profile so people needing help can find YOU!

Special offer for Certified Christian Conciliators!! Sign up before May 31st and we'll grandfather you in with a Christian Reconciler - Advanced certificate. You'll have through 2020 to complete the other requirements of the advanced certificate if you wish to maintain that credential.

If you've completed Coaching People through Conflict or similar training in recent years, OR if you've held the credential of Certified Christian Conciliator™ recently, then you meet the requirements to receive a Christian Reconciler™ Certificate. Sign up today!

Join us April 24th for a FREE webinar introducing Christian Reconciler Certificate. Post any questions you have here and we'll answer them!

Your Christian Reconciler™ Membership also includes these benefits:

  1. Coupon valued at half of your membership fee redeemable for reconciliation resources, training or for the A Reason for Hope Reconciliation Conference

  2. A certificate suitable for framing

  3. On-line public Christian Reconciler Directory where you can customize your own profile

  • ​Highlight your credentials from ICC and/or RW360 on your profile!

  1. On-line private directory with access limited to Christian Reconcilers to find suitable co-reconcilers

  2. On-line feedback request that can optionally be summarized on your public profile

  3. On-line forums for staying in touch with the rest of the community

  4. 100% of the funds you raise through Crowdfunding the Ministry of Reconciliation is made available to you for AoR resources, training or conference!

  • Some people are eliminating their registration fees through crowdfunding!

  1. On-line access to many resources such as model case forms, quick scripture reference, idol exposing questions, etc

  2. On-line access to scores of prepared coaching homework assignments easily downloaded for use in coaching or mediation

  3. License to teach AoR personal peacemaking seminars Conflict Resolution vs Reconciliation and Go and Be Reconciled: What Does This Mean?

  4. Wholesale product purchase agreement for AoR resources - for use in your reconciliation ministry or for sale at your seminars!

  5. On-line repository for course materials

  • AoR's advanced courses all have considerable resources provided to you in the course. This repository make these valuable assets available to you all the time!

  1. On-line community dropbox to share your favorite resources with the rest of the community

The Ministry of Reconciliation is counter-cultural. It's counter-intuitive. But it's also life-transforming!! Be a Christian Reconciler™ at your church and in your neighborhood! Find a training event near you (or contact us to schedule one), select a Christian Reconciler™Membership and join us for an awesome conference in September!

Sign up today and receive a coupon for up to $100 off your conference registration!

YOU can be part of the vision: "One day every Christian community will have in its midst, trained reconcilers who can teach reconciliation, coach people to reconcile, mediate and adjudicate disputes."

We look forward to serving you.

"Always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect." (1 Peter 3:15)

In Christ’s service, Dwight Schettler President

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